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Odin: The New Beginning Collection

The Odin "New Beginning Collection" has been granted an official US design patent.

The Odin rune stone stands for both endings and new beginnings and in its blankness is held unlimited potential.  The rune stone represents the courage to leap empty handed into the void of the unknown with total confidence.  The open space of the piece represents the possibilities that exist in each of our lives and the diamond represents the individual, their qualities, courage and strength.

The Odin Line offers a positive symbol for any new chapter in your life; whether you are ending a relationship or entering into a new relationship, leaving a job or entering into a new career or just revamping your life into a healthier lifestyle.  For everything that ends something new begins, let the Odin Line represent that new beginning and remind you that infinite possibilities exist within each and every one of us.  Wearing the Odin ring and/or pendant will help conjure the courage and faith to comprehend all that is to be actualized in one’s life and is exciting evidence of the wearer’s contact with their true destiny.

The Odin line is available in beautiful 14K yellow or rose gold as well as 925 silver.  The diamonds are high quality with magnificent color and clarity.  The Odin Line is truly fine jewelry empowering those that wear it.

Odin is the end.
Odin is the beginning.
You are the diamond.

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