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Wearable art for the Soul.
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The Tulip Collection

"Celebrate the Cycle of Growth and Desire"
...with the Tulip Collection

An everlasting symbol reminding us of our inner power and ability to grow, flourish and look toward light

The Tulip, widely known to symbolize love, friendship, and luck is one of the few flowers that continues to grow even after it has been cut. Miraculously, the tulip continues to thrive in the face of adversity and challenges that are beyond its control. Tulips often stand and reach to face the strongest source of light and defy gravity. This little flower should be an inspiration and a reminder that beauty and strength can be found in even the most challenging circumstances.

The “Best Friends Forever” Tulip is the perfect gift for the true friends in your life. The BFF line is the perfect bridesmaid gift, given by the bride as a gesture of love and friendship.

The “True Love Forever” Tulip is the perfect anniversary gift or promise ring for that special someone in your life. Show the depth of your feeling with a beautiful symbol of love and friendship.

The Tulip line is a high-end fashion statement and we don’t blame you for wanting to get one for yourself!  For you GodDaughters has created a non-engraved version of our beautiful Tulip, for your personal indulgence.

The Tulip Ring

The Tulip Pendent

The Tulip Pinky Ring