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Wearable art for the Soul.
The Warrior Ring


The Warrior Collection

The Warrior Ring is a representation of a spirit ….the WARRIOR spirit….. Inspired by Nordic/Viking Rune Stone Teiwaz (rune of the Warrior God). It symbolizes courage, victory in battle and absolute trust in one’s will and determination. . .

One does not have to wield a sword to have the Warrior spirit. A person with the spirit of a warrior possess the desire and drive to conquer any undertaking they strive to pursue. They have the instinct to act with perseverance, bravery, valor, humility and charisma which impacts and inspires all that cross their path. Their ambition to “act” is beyond reproach. Lethargy is not in a Warrior’s vocabulary, for their will be done. An individual with the spirit of a Warrior leaves their mark in the world.

In ancient times the Vikings would paint the Teiwaz symbol on their shields before battle. Now you too car wear this ancient symbol of the Warrior while facing your challenges and Daily battles.

Allow the Warrior Ring to remind you to accept that we never know what will happen to us next but you can and will persevere. This “not knowing “is part of life’s adventure and The Way of the Warrior.

The Warrior Ring