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Wearable art for the Soul.
Sterling Silver
Multi Stones
Gold Vermeil
Single Sapphire
Sterling Silver
Single Sapphire
Black Rhodium
Sterling Silver


Zen Collection: Designs inspired by the Buddha

Dharma VIII Wheel Necklace

Be the architect of your our own fate.
Watch the good Karma roll into your life while wearing the Dharma VIII Wheel to remind you to focus on the righteous way to live.

Inspired by the Buddhist Eightfold Path & The Wheel of Buddhist Law...
The spokes of the wheel symbolize the 8 Noble Truths of the Eightfold Path.

Right Speech
Right Action
Right Thought
Right Understanding
Right Mindfullness
Right Livelihood
Right Effort and
Right Concentration

The Wheel, a paramount of the Buddhist symbols is a representation of the teachings of Buddha. It is believed by some Buddhists that the wheels 3 parts symbolize the “three trainings” in the Buddhist practice.

The hub is a symbol for moral discipline which stabilizes the mind.

The spokes represent each of the Eight Noble Truths from the Eightfold Path.

The rim represents training in concentration which holds it all together.

Dharma VIII measures about 24.00 mm (about the size of a quarter) 

Dharma VIII Wheel | Sterling Silver Multi Stones

Dharma VIII Wheel | Gold Vermeil Single Sapphire

Dharma VIII Wheel | Sterling Silver Single Sapphire

Dharma VIII Wheel | Black Rhodium Sterling Silver

Dharma Wheel Pendant