AngelEyes Heart© Twist Bangle


The AngelEyes Heart Twist Bangle is available in sterling silver with a genuine blue sapphire gemstone.

The blue sapphire was the gem of choice for this ring due to it being well known as a stone of power. A stone regarded to bring protection,mental clarity and good fortune. The Sapphire was also used as protection from the evil eye and aids in having a positive attitude & energies throughout life....bringing peace of mind.

****How to measure your hand for a bangle*****

Hold your hand as if you were putting on a bangle bracelet. Bring all of your fingers together with your thumb & little finger touching.

  1. Measure around the hand at the widest point with a tape measure or a strip of paper. Be sure to pull the paper or tape measure snug against your skin. Mark the paper and measure it with a ruler. This measurement is the circumference of your hand.
  2. Use the following chart to determine the diameter of your hand, based on the circumference. After determining the diameter, choose a bangle that’s at least 1/4 inch larger in diameter than the diameter measurement of your hand.

7- 7-1/2 inches -SMALL

8-8-1/4 inches MEDIUM

8-5⁄8 inches LARGE

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