Gratitude Rock Necklace


Each time you touch this rock let it serve as a reminder to be Grateful for something in your life.

Made of Agate, Wood and Pyrite. The agate stone was chosen as the Gratitude rock due to its symbolism of protection and good luck.
Agate was the chosen stone for this Gratitude Necklace due to its rich symbolism of power & protection. Agate is also known for being one of the most healing, grounding and spiritual stones that promotes re-balancing & harmonizing of the body and spirit.
Inspired by the Feng Shui symbolism of wood energy. Wood energy is the energy promoting growth, new beginnings and well being.
Pyrite (AKA Fools Gold)
Pyrite is also known as a protecting stone that shields from negative energies and promotes happiness

Available in 16, 22, or 24 inch necklace. No two Agate Pendants are exactly the same. Just like the individual. Purple Gratitude is made with Purple wood beads. Blue and Pink Gratitude Necklace is made with Brown wooden beads.

Each piece is made to order here in the United States. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

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