AngelEyes Heart Beaded Anklet


Protect your peace with good vibes from the ground up with this “Limited Edition” AngelEyes Heart Anklet! 

This AngelEyes Heart Beaded Anklet is crafted with a sterling silver AngelEyes Heart Bead and glass beads, secured to your ankle with a lobster clasp for a fashionable, protective touch.
Handmade in the USA, this elegant anklet offers a talisman of peace and positivity to add a comfortable layer of protection to any look.

*Anklet size guide*
Measure around your ankle with a piece of thread or measuring tape. 
To determine anklet size: for a tight fit, add 0.8 - 1 cm (0.5") for comfortable fit, add 2cm (1.15") for loose fit, add 3 cm (1.25")

(Most common-average anklet size is 9inch)  

*Anklet Size*
Small- 9inch
Medium -10inch
Large- 11 inch
XL -12 inch

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