"HOLIDAY SPECIAL" Warrior Bag and Warrior Balloon Sleeve Hoodie


This "LIMITED EDITION" Warrior Holiday Special including a one of a kind Warrior Bag and the Warrior Balloon Sleeve Hoodie.

Regular Price ...$245.00.... HOLIDAY SPECIAL $195.00

Be You. Bravely.
This Warrior hoodie and Bag with our warrior symbol will serve as a reminder of your inner strength and to have "No Fear".
Warrior Handbag

This versatile one of a kind handbag is designed with the symbolism of the warrior. The Warrior bag is an empowerment Wearable Art for the Soul piece created to serve as an inspirational token that can be worn as a crossbody, wristlet, clutch and fanny pack.    

The Warrior arrow, representing strength and perseverance is designed with hand embroiled crystals to symbolize peace and virtue.

Every piece tells its own story. These one of a kind fabric combinations make each piece unique, defining a sense of longevity of spirit.

Made from handmade embroidered woven antique vintage fabrics from the West coast of India.  This unique colorful fabric may hold some imperfections from its’s rich history.  That is the beauty of this textile and why it was chosen. A symbolic reminder to recognize the beauty and color in your journey, including the imperfections throughout your life’s adventures.  

Your Warrior handbag is versatile and can be worn multiple ways. Enjoy as a Cross Body Bag with a link chain strap attached by removable lobster claw.  This same chain link strap can be adjusted around your waist to be worn as a fanny pack. Remove the chain link and use your warrior bag as a wristlet or clutch bag.  The wristlet strap is also removable with lobster claw creating the option for a clutch bag.

*The Warrior bag’s design shape is inspired by the Nordic Viking rune representing the Warrior “Teiwaz”.

*Measurements are 11 inches wide... one side measures 8 inches in height/ other side 6 inches.

*Comes with removable lobster claw link chain

*Removable lobster claw wristlet strap

*Reminder…please note that being made with antique fabrics, this boho style handbag may have some wear of the embroidery. This bag was designed to celebrate this feature and is a part of its character.

* After ordering we will get in touch with you to send you photos for you to choose your preference of available one of a kind warrior bags that remain. Please note..there is a limited amount of bags available. 

                                          Warrior Balloon Sleeve Hoodie

This Warrior hoodie with our embroidered warrior symbol on the sleeve will serve as a reminder to embrace your warrior spirit.
The oversized fit and comfortable french terry material will make this fun sweatshirt your favorite "go-to" comfy sweatshirt. 
This Light Rose color high/low oversized hoodie with balloon sleeves has a raw edge hem,v-neck hood and drop shoulder. This comfortable sweatshirt is made of 100% Cotton French Terry.
*Small Approx. Measurements: Total Body Length: 23" (Front) x Bust: 57
*Do Not Bleach
*Hang Dry
*Machine Wash Cold with Like Colors


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