Dragonfly Howlite Wrap Bracelet


Tap into the symbolism of the dragonfly as a symbol of new beginnings and transformation. In folklore, it's said that dragonflies were granted an additional pair of wings for Angels to ride on, making them a heavenly messenger. Each time you catch a glimpse of this winged beauty, remember that you have an Angel looking out for you.

This one size fits all Dragonfly wrap bracelet is infused with the peaceful energy of howlite stones and adorned with a symbolic dragonfly, this Dragonfly Wrap is a beautiful representation of new beginnings and transformation. 

Howlite- is a peaceful stone that can assist in overcoming feelings of anger. It promotes inner peace and empowerment, helping to calm your energy and release stress while also absorbing negative energy for a positive impact.

Handmade to order in the USA this bracelet is one size fits all with variations of Howlite gemstones, crystals, Dragonfly(made of pewter and sterling silver Goddaughters Tulip. 

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