Mood Stone Cameo Necklace


Vintage 13x 18 Mood Stone set in a Silver or Gold Tone Cameo placed on a Titanium Mesh Ribbon Necklace.

Titanium mesh is adjustable and can be ruffled, flowered, twisted or straighted to your liking and mood. You are also able to ruffle, straighten, and then ruffle it again.

This adjustable chain was chosen to also go with your mood. The mood stone color will change depending on your body tempature and mood ranging from many shades of blue, pink, yellow, purple and even black.

Available in Black Titanium Mesh with either Silver or Gold Cameo Setting, Gold Mesh With Gold Tone Cameo Setting, Silver with Silver tone cameo setting. Titanium mesh necklace can be adjusted to be between 16- 20 inches.

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