ZEN Gift Set


You can feel serene in the midst of turmoil when you calm your mind.
These curated pieces in the “Limited Edition” Zen Gift set are symbols to help remind you to find your peace.
A holiday gift that can give you ZEN all year long as a reminder peace of mind is within us.

The ZEN gift set includes:

~The Mindful Pebble Earrings… a symbol for mindfulness in sterling silver from our Nature Collection

The tiniest of pebbles create ripples when dropped into water, the same can be true for the thoughts that drop from our minds.

Thoughts create energetic ripples that radiate into the universe. Those ripples become the energy that shapes our reality. Being mindful about producing positive thoughts will result in a happy, peaceful and fulfilling existence.

May this heart shaped pebble serve as a daily reminder to be conscious of the ripples you create with your thoughts. May it lead the ripples to a place of confidence and goodness, as you become more intentional about the reality you create for yourself. 

                                       Mindset is everything

~The “Limited  Tree of Life Cord Bracelet a symbol of tranquility.

Be like a Tree.

Stay Grounded.

Connect your roots.

Turn over a new leaf.

Bend before you break.

Enjoy your unique natural beauty.

Keep Growing.

This “limited edition” Tree of Life healing stone cord bracelet holds the symbolism of the Tree of Life with the added healing properties of either a lapradorite . The adjustable tree of life slider bead makes this bracelet adjustable to fit a wrist up to 9 inches. Silver plated bezel oval shape connector with silver tone tree of life sliding bead on a black nylon cord

Labradorite is a stone of transformation with calming, harmonizing healing properties.

~Tree of Life Mug

Gift set valued at...$105.00

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