Goddaughters Yin Yang Pom Collection Available Now at QVC.com

Bring balance to your life with Goddaughters Yin Yang Pom Flower Collection  available now at QVC.com! 

Inspired by the beautiful Yin Yang Pom Flower and inspirational symbolism of Yin Yang. This latest Goddaughters collection available now at QVC.com is created to inspire balance and harmony and remind you that life's dualities can be embraced.

Goddaughters Yin Yang Pom Sterling Silver Ring

Designed with white topaz and black spinel gemstones arranged in the center to create the ancient Yin Yang symbol with white mother-of- pearl petals.

Goddaughters Ying Yang Pom Flower symbolizes the ever-changing balance between light and dark, these pieces will be a meaningful reminder of life's dualities. 

Goddaughters 14K Gold Clad Multi-Gemstone Flower Necklace

The Yin Yang Pom Flower Collection is available in Sterling Silver and 14K Gold Clad with an adjustable 20inch chain that can be worn as 16- 18 and 20 inch necklace.  

Wear this timeless reminder and find balance with the Goddaughters Yin Yang Pom Collection available now at QVC.com