Gratitude Rose Moonstone Ring by Goddaughters at

The Gift of Gratitude

Everytime you touch this Gratitude Rose Ring by Goddaughters let it remind you of something to be grateful for.

Created to help remind you to stop & smell the roses & that “It’s not happiness that brings us gratitude.... it is gratitude that brings us happiness.”

Goddaughters Starfish and Love Shell Collection Available now at

Inspired by that summer feeling we all treasure.

         Hope everyone is having a fantastic summer filled with heartfelt good times!
That summer feeling we all treasure is the inspiration behind my latest Goddaughters Collection that just launched at!
Introducing the Love Shell!
While many different cultures may have different beliefs of what the Shell symbolizes, one thing is common among them all, they all are based in Love. 
Shells also carry the symbolism of peace and harmony due to their associations with water. The scallop shell in particular is known for representing beauty and good fortune. The empowering symbolism of the shell mixed with its natural beauty is sure to give you those feel good vibes all year long .
This LOVE Shell ring in 14K gold clad with a heart made of 3 White Topaz stones is available now exclusively at! (Stay tuned for the Love Shell Necklace in 14K Gold Clad and also Sterling Silver Love Shell Ring & Necklace that will also be available soon)!
Check out Goddaughters Love Shell Ring at 
Love Shell by Goddaughters Wearable Art for the Soul available now on QVC.comLove Shell Collection by Goddaughters Available at QVC
Also joining the Goddaughters QVC Summer Collection is the Starfish!
~This brand new Goddaughters design was inspired by the Starfish’s strength and tenacity to renew and rejuvenate.
Designed to empower & serve as a reminder of “Hope” knowing all circumstances can & will renew & rejuvenate…..just like the Starfish. ~
Goddaughters Starfish Necklace Available now at
Center heart includes White Sapphires & available in Sterling Silver or 14k Gold Clad. The Starfish Necklace is currently available in Sterling Silver and will soon also be available in 14K gold clad. For more details on Goddaughters Starfish Necklace at
Along with the Goddaughters Starfish Necklace... Starfish Anklet ,Starfish Earrings & a Starfish bracelet are all currently available now at
Goddaughters Starfish Anklet and Bracelet Wearable Art for the soul Available now
Goddaughters Starfish has a white sapphire center heart with “Hope” engraved on the back of the Starfish charm as a reminder that just like the Starfish you have the strength to renew & rejuvenate.
A reminder to keep Hope in your Heart.
Hope Starfish by Goddaughters
For more details on Goddaughters Starfish and Love Shell Collection check out
I am so happy to share these with you & hope you enjoy them.  Thank you for all the love!
Goddaughters Link Bracelet for QVC by Angela Deegan

New Arm Candy from Goddaughters just dropped at!

Armor up the protection vibes with this all new Goddaughters AngelEyes Heart Link Bracelet exclusively available at The layered up healing properties from gemstones and symbolism of AngelEyes Heart is sure to help Protect your peace! This link bracelet with AngelEye Heart stations is accented with round stone evil eyes and alternating oval, bezel-set cabochon stones.
The Angeleyes Heart link bracelet is available with your choice of amethyst,onyx,lapis & blue topaz stones.
~ Black Onyx are among the supreme of gemstone healing properties in the gem world. The Onyx stones have been thought to bring powers of protection providing strength, stamina and aids in feeling grounded & focused.
~ Amethyst is referred to as nature’s tranquilizer gemstone. This beautiful calming and soothing gemstone has properties known to attract positive energy promoting peace of mind.  Also known as the “All-healer,” Amethyst is one of the most effective stones used for healing, assisting in removing negative emotions such as fear, anxiety and balancing the moods of over-stressed and overworked minds. 
~ Lapis is famous for its beautiful blue color: its name means "stone of blue".
A stone of protection it is said Lapis healing properties help to release stress, and induce peace.  A stone for deeper self knowledge, confidence, inner power and harmony. 
Available in 3 different sizes:
Small: 6-3/4" Fit; measures approximately 3/8"W
Average: 7-1/4" Fit; measures approximately 3/8"W
Large: 8" Fit; measures approximately 3/8"W
Check out the AngelEyes Heart Link Bracelet & treat yourself with this sweetness filled with symbols of Peace ~Love & Protection.
AngelEyes Heart Link Bracelet available at QVC
May 14, 2022 by ANGELA
Goddaughters AngelEyes Heart Birthstone Necklace

The "ALL NEW" Birthstone Necklace with positive vibes personalized just for you!

Goddaughters AngelEyes Heart Birthstone Necklace

The "All NEW" Goddaughters AngelEyes Heart Sterling Silver Birthstone Necklace just arrived at and is now available with the option of 12 different evil eye gemstones to choose from.

You can now personalize your AngelEyes Heart that will sit on your shoulder with a gemstone that is meaningful to you. Whether it be your birthstone, a loved ones birthstone or your favorite healing  stone of choice, this customized necklace is filled with positive vibes.
The AngelEyes Heart design is a powerful combination of symbols created to help make you feel protected and empowered. This special necklace was designed to have the AngelEyes Heart symbol lay by your shoulder as a reminder that you are loved and protected.
Check out Goddaughters Sterling Silver Birthstone Heart Necklace here...
Thank you!
My Best,
Angela Deegan
Goddaughters, Designer
Gratitude Rose Ring by Goddaughters now available on

New Symbols of Love and Gratitude from Goddaughters available on!

A heartfelt burst of shiny new Goddaughters designs filled with symbols of love, gratitude, peace & protection have just joined the line up just in time for Valentine's Day!
The Goddaughters AngelEyes Heart Hoops and the AngelEyes Heart Station Necklace have arrived at! Filled with powerful symbols of love, protection & healing gemstones energy. Feel at ease in the knowledge that not only do you have an "ANGEL" guiding you but have "THE EYE" protecting you from any negativity aimed in your direction.

The AngelEyes Heart Station Necklace is available with 4 different gemstones options including....Ruby~Emerald~Garnet ~Blue Sapphire
in Sterling Silver or Rose Gold Clad.
The AngelEyes Heart hoops are available in Sterling Silver & Yellow Gold Clad with choice of Ruby, Amethyst or Blue Sapphire genuine stones.

stones are known to bring on healing energies such as....
Ruby- harmony,passion & zest for life
Amethyst-positive energy ,calming peace of mind
Blue Sapphire- protection & good fortune
Emerald- love and healing
Garnet-power, strength, and confidence
AngelEyes Heart Hoop Earrings by Goddaughters Wearable Art for the Soul
 Also joining the Goddaughters lineup is Goddaughters "Sterling Silver" Rose Ring" and coming soon the Rose Bangle will also be available. Originally from our Gratitude Rose Collection... This design was Created to serve as a reminder to be GRATEFUL and to Stop and Smell the Roses.
The G intertwined within the rose design symbolizes GRATITUDE & to remind you to be present & count your blessings.
Stop and Smell the Roses Goddaughters Rose Ring...a symbol of Gratitude

The Gratitude Rose Ring is made of sterling silver and is designed with a bouquet of our Gratitude Roses that won’t wilt away.

You can treat yourself or someone you love with a gift filled with love and gratitude. Check out Goddaughters at

Wishing you a very happy Valentine's Day!



Goddaughters Sun Collection available on

Shop our new designs on!

Goddaughters launches new products exclusivity on!

Our Goddaughters new Sun Collection just dropped and it’s exclusively on This radiant collection features a ring, necklace and stud earrings all made of 14k gold-clad silver with a moonstone center. These unique pieces represent our salute to the power of the sun paired with the balance of the moon. The golden sun imagery carries powerful energy and strength. The moonstone expresses the symbolism of calm and harmony. Together they bring power and balance to your life. Wear them together or separate to enhance your look and your mood.

Goddaughters Sun Collection for QVC

The Sun Necklace  measurements: Chain is 18"L x 1/8w, Pendant 5/8L x 1/2 "W

Goddaughters Sun Necklace for Sun Moonstone Necklace by Goddaughters for

The Sun Ring measure 1/2"L x 1/2"W

Sun Ring by Goddaughters for QVCGoddaughters Sun Moonstone Ring

The Sun Stud Earrings measure approximately 1/4"L x 1/4'W

Goddaughters Silver 14K Gold Clad Moonstone Sun Stud Earrings for QVCGoddaughters Sun Earrings for

Another special piece only available on is our AngelEyes Heart Necklace. Now you can “protect your peace” with the guidance of an angel sitting on your shoulder. Wearing this necklace, which features an angel-winged heart and evil eye, will bring you the confidence you need to face any challenge with grace. The necklace sparkles with an adjustable sterling silver link chain (16” or 18”). The evil eye is a genuine blue sapphire which is often recognized as a stone of power. This brilliant combination has been known to bring protection, mental clarity and good fortune to the wearer. Perfect for layering or wearing alone, this necklace is sure to bring contentment and  positivity.

Goddaughters Angeleyes Heart Necklace available on

Head over to and explore the power of the Sun and learn how to “protect your peace” with AngelEyes Heart. Our mission is to forever create wearable art for your soul.

With gratitude,

Angela Deegan, Founder + Creator, Goddaughters

December 03, 2021 by ANGELA