We endearingly call it Wearable Art for the Soul.

Each of our designs is rooted in symbolism with hints and reminders intended to empower the human spirit and elevate joy.

Much of our inspiration comes from the simplicity of nature and the complexity of life. When wearing Goddaughters designs you will feel the effects of the 6 facets known to bring inner peace~ mindfulness, clarity, positivity, strength, confidence and protection.

Goddaughters designs are reflections for a life full of meaning, love and aspiration.

Goddaughters presents to you “Wearable Art for the Soul”
“When your spirit is in need of style add some Wearable Art for the Soul”


About the Designer: Angela Deegan

I am passionate about creating meaningful jewelry that is inspired by everyday life, beings, nature, history, relationships, and love.

The early infatuation for making jewelry started at the young age of 4 while watching my Pop Pop create art in his basement workshop. I’d watch him with awe and admiration while I set up a “jewelry shop” of my own to spend more time him. This represents one of my life’s happiest memories.

After college I moved to Los Angeles and was employed as a Talent Manger for over a decade.  I felt honored to be a voice in the highly-competitive entertainment world, always reminding the talent to never stop believing and to keep the faith in themselves & others.  Helping others achieve their goals was invigorating. It was at this time that my passion for designing jewelry was reignited. Working with talented artists who had incredible courage to chase their dreams was all the kindling and motivation needed to create the spark for my passion. The desire to help and encourage others was so strong I soon found myself creating jewelry as an additional outlet to represent this fervor.

Change, an inevitable force in life, was in the air and I eventually left Los Angeles to return to my East Coast roots. What I realized in this transition was that making inspirational jewelry was an avenue to keep expressing what I am passionate about…being a voice of encouragement. That’s when the quest to create jewelry for the soul began. It was a New beginning…MY New Beginning and with my New Beginning came the creation of the Odin Collection.

Creating timeless symbolic jewelry and fashion inspired by everyday life is my passion. I desire to bring to life a unique inspirational portfolio of wearable art and accessories designed to make the wearer feel beautiful and empower the soul.