AngelEyes Heart© Twist Ring


Let both the "ANGEL" winged heart and the "EYE" keep watch over you.

Feel at ease in the knowledge that not only do you have an "ANGEL" guiding you but have "THE EYE" protecting you from any negativity aimed in your direction.
"The EYE" an ancient symbol used in numerous culture is said to provide Protection and wards off any Evil Eyes cast your way. It has been worn for hundreds of years for protection against negative Energies that can affect your health and fortune.

The AngelEyes Heart Twist Ring is available in sterling silver with a genuine blue sapphire gemstone.

The blue sapphire was the gem of choice for this ring due to it being well known as a stone of power. A stone regarded to bring protection,mental clarity and good fortune. The Sapphire was also used as protection from the evil eye and aids in having a positive attitude & energies throughout life....bringing peace of mind.

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