Orchid Angel Pin & Pendant


Love the symbolism of the Orchid: Protection of an Angel and Color Therapy for Balance & Inspiration

The Orchid’s center piece rich resemblance of an Angel and it’s symbolism of LOVE was the inspiration behind creating the Orchid Angel. This Orchid Angel was designed to serve as a reminder to...

Choose love no matter what.

Orchids for centuries have been known to symbolize Love. No matter the condition they will grow and bloom under any condition. This Orchid Angel can serve as a reminder that Love is all we need in any circumstance or condition. 

Orchid angel Pin/ Pendant has a bail on the back allowing the option to be worn as a Pin or a Necklace. This comes with cord chain. 

Passion Orchid Angel

Designed with Colors of Red, Yellow and Orange to enhance the feelings of Love, Passion and Desire. The Passion Orchid Angel is made of multi crystals and 24k yellow gold plated with an added bail feature giving the Passion Orchid Angel the option to also be worn as a pendant that can be added to any chain of choice.

Serenity Orchid Angel

Designed with colors of Blue and Purple to enhance the feeling of peace and calmness. The Serenity Orchid angel is multi crystal hematite plated Orchid Angel pin with with added bail feature giving the Serenity Angel the option to also be worn as a pendant and added to any chain of choice.

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