Gratitude Rock Necklace


Each time you touch this rock let it serve as a reminder to be Grateful for something in your life.

Agate was the chosen stone for this Gratitude Necklace due to its rich symbolism of power & protection. Agate is also known for being one of the most healing, grounding and spiritual stones that promotes re-balancing & harmonizing of the body and spirit.
The Agate Stone Pendant has a gold electroplated trim. Made with a Hexagon 13mm round gold plated chain. Because of its two interlocking triangles in the design of the Hexagon, the hexagon as a symbol often stands for harmony and balance.
A single freshwater pearl is also included in this design due to it's symbolism symbolic meaning of love.
Available in 16, 18, 20 or 24 inch necklaces. Just like you...No two Agate Pendants are exactly the same. 

Each piece is made to order here in the United States.

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