Goddess Power Scroll Ring


The Goddess Power Scroll Ring is designed with a scroll of multiple power symbols of Hope, Strength, Good Luck, Self love & Transformation.

This timeless ring is designed with a combination of good vibes symbols inspired by nature to empower & bring out your inner Goddess.

*Sun- power & balance 
*Starfish - hope & rejuvenation
*Tulip Angel- strength & self love
*Butterfly- transformation
*Clover -good luck

Symbols of the power scroll.

*The Sun*
It symbolizes happiness, strength & vitality.
Even at 93 million miles away, it warms, illuminates and energizes us, making us feel
our best & our brightest.
The Sun is a symbol of energy, power and life.

*The Starfish*
Starfish is a symbol of of inspiration due its strength and tenacity to renew and rejuvenate.
The Starfish is a reminder of "Hope" knowing all circumstances can & will renew & rejuvenate…...just like the Starfish you should have hope any circumstance can renew.

*The Tulip Angel*
This Tulip Angel symbol combines a the symbolism of the strength of the Tulip and wings as a symbolic reminder to "Fly".

The Tulip: an everlasting symbol reminding us of our inner power and ability to grow, flourish and took towards the light.
The Tulip, widely known to symbolize love and friendship, is one of the few flowers that continues to grow even after it has been cut. Miraculously, the tulip continues to thrive in the face of adversity and challenges that are beyond its control.
Tulips often stand and reach to face the strongest source of light and defy gravity. This little flower should be an inspiration and a reminder that beauty and strength can be found in even the most challenging circumstances

*The Butterfly *

The Butterfly is a beautiful delicate creature that is living proof that from darkness and struggle,we too can emerge strong and beautiful.
Butterflies are a symbol of transformation and new beginnings.... metamorphosis in your life.

*The Four Leaf Clover*
Believed to be the most powerful & lucky of all natural amulets.
The first leaf is for fame, the second is for wealth, the third is for faithful love, and the fourth is for health.

Available in Sterling Silver with White Rhodium
or 14K Yellow Gold Clad.
What is Gold Clad?… Through a special process 14K Gold is plated onto Sterling Silver with ample thickness,making the piece radiant long lasting and affordable. Gold-clad jewelry offers the rich lustrous look and feel of solid for a fraction of the cost.

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