Limited Edition Special ODIN LIVE Sale


This Limited Edition Odin Sale is limited to 2 Odin 16" Cable Chain Necklaces & 2 Odin Petite Ring's in size 6 is designed with Sterling Silver with Rhodium and a genuine diamond,. 

Only 2 available for each in this sale...

Regular price for this Odin Cable Chain 16" is $280... Today's Sale is $180.

Regular Price for the Odin Petite size 6 Sterling Silver Ring regular is $320 ..Today's Sale $200

Let Odin serve as a reminder that with every chapter of your life keep in mind... you are the author of your story.

Goddaughters specifically chose a satin finish so that your Odin will develop a rich patina with wear. Just as the ancient classic architecture and statues of Europe improve with age so will your Odin. When you bump against life, expect your Odin necklace to do the same. In this way, your Odin will develop the look of a fine piece of jewelry with history behind it, your history.

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