"HOLIDAY SPECIAL" DHARMA VIII Wheel Multi Stone Necklace and XO Angeleyes Heart Backpack


This Holiday Special includes the Dharma VIII Multi- Stone Necklace and XO AngelEyes Heart Backpack.

Regular Price $239.00 ....Holiday Special $190.00

                            *The Dharma VIII Multi-Stone Necklace*

Inspired by the Buddhist Eightfold Path & The Wheel of Buddhist Law. 
The spokes of the wheel symbolize the Eightfold Path:Right Speech | Right Action | Right Thought | Right Understanding | Right Mindfulness | Right Livelihood | Right Effort | Right Concentration

The Wheel, a paramount of the Buddhist symbols is a representation of the teachings of Buddha. It is believed by some Buddhists that the wheels 3 parts symbolize the “three trainings” in the Buddhist practice. Each spoke represents one of the eight practices of the Eightfold Path. The hub is a symbol for moral discipline which stabilizes the mind.  The rim represents training in concentration which holds it all together.

Sterling Silver with Rhodium plating & genuine sapphire and emerald stones & and 6 CZ gemstones.

Comes with a 1.5mm 18" Sterling Silver bead chain.

All Dharma VIII Wheels have large enough bails to fit most chains of choice. Dharma VIII measures about 24.00 mm (about the size of a quarter).

                                         *Angeleyes Heart XO Backpack*

his AngelEyes Heart XO Backpack has your back if you are looking for a bag with good vibes symbolism & will protect your energy.

Let both the "ANGEL" winged heart and the "EYE" keep watch over you.

Made of black 100% cotton fabric with a silver embroidered Goddaughters AngelEyes Heart.

~Approximate size 15"tall & 12" wide ~Inside zipper pockets~3 zipper closure compartments~Velco flap with zipper closure on main compartment~2 "wide adjustable straps~

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