Personalized Angel Bracelet


Create your own unique Personalized Angel Bracelet and infuse it with positive energy! You can choose between the Tulip Angel Bead or AngelEyes Heart Bead, as well as a healing semi-precious gemstone to enhance your good vibes. You also get to choose Sterling Silver or 14K Gold Clad.

The Tulip Angel represents inner strength the AngelEyes Heart Bead embodies tranquility, both serving as guardians of your inner peace. 

The Tulip Angel has genuine White Topaz Gemstones and the AngelEyes Heart has a diamond set cz stone for the evil eye.

*Your Angel Bracelet is made to order & handcrafted in the USA*

Angel Bead Choices  (Please note***when ordering please specify in message if you would like the Tulip Angel or AngelEyes Heart bead) 

AngelEyes Heart

Stay at peace wearing an AngelEyes Heart, featuring both an angel winged heart and an eye to watch over you. Not only will "The EYE" protect you from negativity, but the ancient symbol is also believed to ward off any Evil Eyes. Wear it for long-lasting protection against negative energies that could impact your well-being and fortune.


Tulip Angel 

The Tulip Angel serves as a symbol of self-love and inner strength, reminding us that we have the power to grow and flourish. Unlike other flowers, the Tulip does not wilt when cut, but instead continues to thrive and inspire us to find beauty and strength in difficult situations. Just like the Tulip, we can defy gravity and keep growing, soaring to new heights. Wear this bracelet as a reminder of your inner strength and self-love, knowing that even in the face of challenges, beauty and strength can shine through.

Both Angel Beads are Available in Sterling Silver or 14K gold clad (Sterling Silver layered with 14K yellow gold) 

Stone Choices

Tiger Eye- Stone of Luck and good fortune. It boosts willpower and strengthens balance for an uplifted spirit. (10mm stone)

Howlite- is a peaceful stone that can assist in overcoming feelings of anger. It promotes inner peace and empowerment, helping to calm your energy and release stress while also absorbing negative energy for a positive impact. (8mm)

Rose Quartz- Discover the power of rose quartz, a healing crystal and the ultimate symbol of unconditional love. This stone is said to radiate strong vibrations of love, supporting emotional and relationship healing and inspiring compassion. (10mm stone)

Agate- is known for its symbolic representation of strength, protection, and courage, as well as its association with emotional stability, inner peace, and self-assurance. (8mm)

Carnelian- this stone, also known as the "Stone of Motivation," is believed to inspire action and eliminate procrastination and hesitation. Carnelian can help to feel motivated and empowered (8mm)

Reconstituted Larimar embodying tranquil energies of the sky and sea, Larimar symbolizes clear communication and inner wisdom. It offers soothing strength and cleansing energy, aiding in stress relief, This larimar is reconstituted which mean it is made with natural Larmiar stone then crushed, pigmented and then stabilized in resin (8mm)

Aventurine -symbolizes growth, renewal, and abundance. With its vibrant green color, it represents the lushness of nature and promotes harmony, balance, and healing. Wearing it may attract good luck and prosperity into your life, making it a stone of opportunity.(10mm stone)

Small - 7 inch

Medium/Average- 7.25-7.5inch

Large - 8 inch


Comes with:

Sterling Silver or Gold Clad Sterling Silver Angel Bead

Semi- Precious Gemstone Beads

Romance card with symbolism 

Toggle pewter clasp



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