Mindful Pebble Ring


                         Mindful Pebble ...a symbol for Mindfulness.

The tiniest of pebbles create ripples when dropped into water, the same can be true for the thoughts that drop from our minds.

Thoughts create energetic ripples that radiate into the universe. Those ripples become the energy that shapes our reality. Being mindful about producing positive thoughts will result in a happy, peaceful and fulfilling existence.

May this heart shaped pebble serve as a daily reminder to be conscious of the ripples you create with your thoughts. May it lead the ripples to a place of confidence and goodness, as you become more intentional about the reality you create for yourself. 

                                       Mindset is everything

The Mindful Pebble Ring is made of sterling silver. The Mindful Pebble Heart measures approximately 3/8 of an inch.

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