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New Beginnings Gift Set


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Ready a clean slate? This limited edition  “New Beginning “gift set curated with Odin tokens is a symbolic reminder you have the power to manifest your destiny. A reminder that you write your story and everyday is clean slate.

This empowerment gift set bundle is the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love to celebrate and embrace new beginnings.  

The New Beginnings gift set includes:

*Sterling Silver Odin “Personalized Petite” Necklace on sterling silver box chain with a choice of Garnet- Amethyst- Citrine- Blue Topaz- Ruby –Emerald- Peridot or Blue Sapphire gemstone.

*Odin “Everyday is a Clean Slate” Mug & Today is a perfect day for a fresh start.

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 The Odin "New Beginning" Collection is inspired by the Nordic runes symbolizing New Beginnings and Clean Slate. You are the gem on the design about to embark on your new adventure.

Odin was created to inspire you to believe you can shape your destiny with believing in one simple thought, "I am my new beginning". Perfect for anyone embarking on a new chapter or quest in life.

 The Odin rune stone stands for both endings and new beginnings and in its blankness is held unlimited potential. The rune stone represents the courage to leap empty handed into the void of the unknown with total confidence. The open space of the piece represents the possibilities that exist in each of our lives and the gem represents the individual, their qualities, courage and strength.

Odin offers a positive symbol for any new chapter in your life; whether you are ending a relationship or entering into a new relationship, leaving a job or entering into a new career or just revamping your life into a healthier lifestyle. For everything that ends something new begins, let the Odin represent that new beginning and remind you that infinite possibilities exist within each and every one of us.

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