Peace Angel Lapis Necklace


Wear this Peace Angel Lapis Necklace and let the powerful healing energies from the pyrite and lapis stones calm your mind.

Pyrite (AKA.. Fool's Gold) is known as a protecting stone that shields from negative energies and promotes happiness. Since the earliest of times, lapis lazuli has been associated with strength and courage, wisdom, and truth and is known as the wisdom keeper stone.

This "Limited Edition" Peace Angel Lapis necklace is handcrafted combining the powerful healing stones lapis lazuli and pyrite. The chain is made with a beautiful 24K gold plated wire wrapped rosary chain with pyrite stones measuring 2.5-3mm.

The Angel Wing pendant is made of lapis lazuli surrounded with gold electroplating. measuring 24x12mm.

*Angel wing for peace

*Pyrite fool’s gold for energy protection and happiness

*Lapis Lazuli for wisdom- truth and strength.

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