Sand Dollar Necklace


The Sand Dollar is often associated with feelings of peace and tranquility. Its surface pattern is said to resemble a dove's wings, symbolizing peace. This is why sand dollar are a popular choice for those seeking a sense of calmness and serenity in their lives.

Find yourself lucky and embrace the beautiful symbolism of the ocean with our Sand Dollar Necklace. This elegant accessory embodies peace, prosperity, abundance, and spiritual advancement.

Wear this "Limited Edition" Sand Dollar Necklace to invite luck and transformation into your life Many believe that finding a sand dollar is a sign of good luck, while others see it as a symbol of personal growth and renewal. With its intricately patterned shell, the Sand Dollar Necklace is a testament to the wonders and power of the sea.

Select from either 16"-18" or 20" length, featuring either yellow, pink, or blue 6/7mm Freshwater Pearl Beads with crystals or Wood Beads accented with crystals, shells, freshwater pearls and a toggle clasp.

The Sand Dollar Pendant is made of a high polished pewter and measures about 1 3/4 long and 1 1/2  wide(Please keep this in mind when ordering your size)

                                       *Handmade to Order in the USA*


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