Odin Petite Necklace


The Odin Petite "New Beginning" Necklace is a smaller more delicate version of the original Odin. Inspired by the ancient Nordic rune Odin, symbolizing "New Beginnings" or a "Clean Slate".

You are the diamond about to embark on your new adventure. Perfect for anyone embarking on a new chapter or quest in life.

The Petite Pendant measures 11mm. The full length including the bail measures 17mm.
It is 9 &1/2mm wide and 4.7mm thick.

Available in:

  • Rhodium plated sterling silver charm with a sterling silver box chain and a 0.2 cubic zirconia diamond.
  • Yellow Gold plated sterling silver charm with a Yellow Gold filled 14/20 chain and 0.2 cubic zirconia diamond.
  • Rose Gold plated sterling silver charm with a Rose Gold filled 14/20 chain and 0.2 cubic zirconia diamond.
  • Black Rhodium dipped Sterling Silver charm with a black rhodium cable bead chain and a black 0.2 cubic zirconia diamond.

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