Zen Meditation Medallion


Achieve serenity with this Zen Meditation Medallion, designed with symbols that encourage love, strength, confidence, unity and inner peace.

Perfect for bringing out the joy in your life and helping you to find your inner calm. Channel the powerful insight and strength of animals with this beautiful medallion. Let your meditations take you to new heights!

Zen Dog
Bring joy and inner peace into your life with the Zen Dog Meditation Medallion! Its message of joy and love will keep you centered and give you the strength to stay true to your Zen state. 

Featuring a meditating dog with seven energy chakras engraved on the front and symbols of love, good energy and balance, this exclusive necklace is a reminder of the love, loyalty and joy that your Dog brings to your life.  The reverse side of the Zen Medallion showcases a Love Knot Heart, a tribute to the unconditional love and loyalty of canine companionship.  

Channel the Zen energy of your pup with this unique medallion. Let it be your reminder to give with all your heart and make every moment count! 

Zen Lion
The Zen Lion Meditation Medallion Necklace is a powerful reminder of your strength, courage and warrior spirit. This design features a meditating Lion and the Warrior symbol with the Seven Energy Chakra symbol, layered on top of the Flower of Life. Representing the unity of all life and interconnectedness, this medallion necklace is a powerful symbol of courage and strength.

Unleash your your strength and power with the Zen Lion Meditation Medallion & ROAR your way to strength and peace!

Zen Cat 
The Cat’s intelligence, elegant, confident, calm yet playful spirit is a source of inspiration to us all. 
Wear this Zen Cat Meditation Medallion as a reminder to bring on your calm & be cool as a cat. 
The Zen Cat medallion featuring a mediating Cat is a tribute to the love and Zen you & your cat share.

A heart shaped Tree of Life symbol on the reverse side of the Zen Cat Necklace  is a sacred symbolic reminder that we are all connected. 

Available in Sterling Silver or 14k gold clad with Sterling Silver. Approx. about 25mm (the size of a quarter)

The Zen Mediation Medallion is designed with latched bail allowing you the option to add it to a variety of your favorite chains. 
Have a favorite chain you would want to put this special Medallion on? Grab it with the adjustable black cord necklace.

Available with an adjustable 20" link chain that can be worn any length up to 20 inches...in Sterling Silver or Gold filled chain. 
Adjustable Black Cord Necklace... Silver 16-18 Inch or 20-22 Inch and Gold 18-20

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