Pearl for Peace Gemstone Bracelet


This Limited Edition Pearl for Peace Gemstone Bracelet is a reminder to find peace in the midst of chaos. Featuring a single pearl surrounded by various stones, it serves as a symbol of tranquility. Let this pearl be a reminder to take time for yourself to reflect, find inner peace.... and chill.

Designed with a single Freshwater Pearl, crystals, pyrite beads,toggle clasp and your choice between African Turquoise or Fire Agate beads.

The African Turquoise Stones, a type of Jasper is known as the "Stone of Evolution". This stone is believed to inspire growth and change, while clearing the mind for new opportunities. Embrace self-improvement, balance, and confidence with the help of this stone. 10mm size beads 

The Fire-Agate stone is known for its healing and spiritual properties, which can help with emotional balance, creativity, and confidence. It is also said to enhance natural energy, promote calmness, and aid in relaxation. Additionally, it has been known to support physical healing, specifically for digestive and circulatory issues. 10mm size beads 

Small - 7 inch

Medium/Average- 7.25-7.5inch

Large - 8 inch

Made to Order in the USA with a toggle clasp 

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