Gratitude Rose Ring by Goddaughters now available on

New Symbols of Love and Gratitude from Goddaughters available on!

A heartfelt burst of shiny new Goddaughters designs filled with symbols of love, gratitude, peace & protection have just joined the line up just in time for Valentine's Day!
The Goddaughters AngelEyes Heart Hoops and the AngelEyes Heart Station Necklace have arrived at! Filled with powerful symbols of love, protection & healing gemstones energy. Feel at ease in the knowledge that not only do you have an "ANGEL" guiding you but have "THE EYE" protecting you from any negativity aimed in your direction.

The AngelEyes Heart Station Necklace is available with 4 different gemstones options including....Ruby~Emerald~Garnet ~Blue Sapphire
in Sterling Silver or Rose Gold Clad.
The AngelEyes Heart hoops are available in Sterling Silver & Yellow Gold Clad with choice of Ruby, Amethyst or Blue Sapphire genuine stones.

stones are known to bring on healing energies such as....
Ruby- harmony,passion & zest for life
Amethyst-positive energy ,calming peace of mind
Blue Sapphire- protection & good fortune
Emerald- love and healing
Garnet-power, strength, and confidence
AngelEyes Heart Hoop Earrings by Goddaughters Wearable Art for the Soul
 Also joining the Goddaughters lineup is Goddaughters "Sterling Silver" Rose Ring" and coming soon the Rose Bangle will also be available. Originally from our Gratitude Rose Collection... This design was Created to serve as a reminder to be GRATEFUL and to Stop and Smell the Roses.
The G intertwined within the rose design symbolizes GRATITUDE & to remind you to be present & count your blessings.
Stop and Smell the Roses Goddaughters Rose Ring...a symbol of Gratitude

The Gratitude Rose Ring is made of sterling silver and is designed with a bouquet of our Gratitude Roses that won’t wilt away.

You can treat yourself or someone you love with a gift filled with love and gratitude. Check out Goddaughters at

Wishing you a very happy Valentine's Day!