Goddaughters Starfish and Love Shell Collection Available now at QVC.com

Inspired by that summer feeling we all treasure.

         Hope everyone is having a fantastic summer filled with heartfelt good times!
That summer feeling we all treasure is the inspiration behind my latest Goddaughters Collection that just launched at QVC.com!
Introducing the Love Shell!
While many different cultures may have different beliefs of what the Shell symbolizes, one thing is common among them all, they all are based in Love. 
Shells also carry the symbolism of peace and harmony due to their associations with water. The scallop shell in particular is known for representing beauty and good fortune. The empowering symbolism of the shell mixed with its natural beauty is sure to give you those feel good vibes all year long .
This LOVE Shell ring in 14K gold clad with a heart made of 3 White Topaz stones is available now exclusively at QVC.com! (Stay tuned for the Love Shell Necklace in 14K Gold Clad and also Sterling Silver Love Shell Ring & Necklace that will also be available soon)!
Check out Goddaughters Love Shell Ring at QVC.com 
Love Shell by Goddaughters Wearable Art for the Soul available now on QVC.comLove Shell Collection by Goddaughters Available at QVC
Also joining the Goddaughters QVC Summer Collection is the Starfish!
~This brand new Goddaughters design was inspired by the Starfish’s strength and tenacity to renew and rejuvenate.
Designed to empower & serve as a reminder of “Hope” knowing all circumstances can & will renew & rejuvenate…..just like the Starfish. ~
Goddaughters Starfish Necklace Available now at QVC.com
Center heart includes White Sapphires & available in Sterling Silver or 14k Gold Clad. The Starfish Necklace is currently available in Sterling Silver and will soon also be available in 14K gold clad. For more details on Goddaughters Starfish Necklace at QVC.com
Along with the Goddaughters Starfish Necklace... Starfish Anklet ,Starfish Earrings & a Starfish bracelet are all currently available now at QVC.com
Goddaughters Starfish Anklet and Bracelet Wearable Art for the soul Available now
Goddaughters Starfish has a white sapphire center heart with “Hope” engraved on the back of the Starfish charm as a reminder that just like the Starfish you have the strength to renew & rejuvenate.
A reminder to keep Hope in your Heart.
Hope Starfish by Goddaughters
For more details on Goddaughters Starfish and Love Shell Collection check out QVC.com
I am so happy to share these with you & hope you enjoy them.  Thank you for all the love!